The Benefits

Benefits for the local area

Wind energy isn't just good for the environment, the construction of Hendy Wind Farm will deliver meaningful benefits for the local economy and community. A community fund will be set up based on £5,000 per MW per annum, which will deliver over £2m of investment in the local area throughout the lifetime of the wind farm. We want you to tell us how Hendy Wind Farm and investment can contribute to your community.


The development of renewable energy is crucial to the country's future energy production. Wind farms are playing an increasingly important role in reducing greenhouse emissions in the UK and our reliance on imported fuels.


Hendy Wind Farm could deliver investment for the local community by sourcing materials locally and employing local firms during construction. Between £4.5m and £6.75m could be spent with local businesses during the construction period.

Community Benefits

Hendy Wind Farm will give back to the local community through the creation of a development fund. This fund will be established by an annual payment from the company over the lifetime of the wind farm (25 years), based on £5,000 per MW of installed capacity totalling around £2m over its lifetime. We want local people to provide feedback on plans for Hendy Wind Farm and on opportunities for investment of the community fund through our public consultation and exhibition.


A good neighbour:

We want Hendy Wind Farm to be a good neighbour in the local area and to bring benefits to your communities. To do this we will work in partnership with residents and community groups by:

  • engaging with local community groups and residents and responding to their comments
  • creating a community fund worth around £2m for community projects over the lifetime of the turbines

Let us know your ideas about how we could help to support your community. Contact us here